Thursday, December 18, 2003

i'm gonna try to focus on the positives....

alright...starting first of january i'm gonna start working out again. even with some of the residual pain left, its safe to say i'm well enough to start working out regularly. why not sooner? maybe...i just feel lazy. i've just been in a downward spiral of unhealthy activities and diet. i actually look at cigarette ads, and they seem appealing. but i've been meaning to not fight the urge, even though one night, i had seriously considered it. its surprising that i can still get the urge to light up after 2 solid years of being completely smoke free. also, probably what i consume is still relatively healthy compared to the average american diet, but that's not saying much. isn't a large number of the population over weight? i'm going to start off slow on the machines at the IG gym then maybe after 2+ weeks, i'll sign up again at rimac.

i have definitely cut down on video games. been playing close to 3-4 hours a day to playing once or twice a week. i think its because of the lack of time. since i'm trying to make it to work relatively on time (no double digits), i find myself falling asleep around midnight. its quite not what i want to be doing, but i know its really good for me.

i'm done with christmas shopping! i shopped online for one gift. then just wrapped up my shopping for everyone else in one night. i got very thoughtful gifts too. shopping has been so easy cause i only decided to shop mainly for my immediate family this year.

still haven't decided what i'm going to do for christmas. i might even drive home....probably on christmas day. hmm...

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