Thursday, October 23, 2003

an embarassing night at pampas

the weekend didn't start out too well. i got stuck in traffic on the way home on friday. it took me 40 minutes to go 4 blocks on genessee. i got sun burnt (sans the sun) and i pretty much couldn't sleep at all. i took 20mg of vicodin within 4 hours to just make the night pass by. by saturday morning, i was running on fumes and in no mood to go to the air show. casey came over, and tommy came down from LA. we just chilled for a bit at home. then it was dinner time. friends from LA were getting out of the air show. 10 of us plus nguyen went to go have dinner at pampas. i must have done some pretty good convincing, and people must have been in the mood for some steak because 10 of us all got the same thing. the 12 oz filet mignon (bife de lomo especial). nguyen was the only one that got something else, a rib eye. the waitress after taking 5 of the same orders was kinda amused and asked us why we were all ordering the same thing and if someone told them that if the filet mignon was what was good there. naturaully, they all pointed the finger at me. if that wasn't embarassing enough, i had printed out coupons for all 11 of us for free empanadas. empanadas are basically hot pockets, just not as good. i was kinda annoyed when they mentioned that there is a 5 free empanada limit. she asked if we wanted to just order 5 or 6 more empanadas, and i promptly said "nah....". which a lot found funny, even though i felt terribly embarassed. still, as usual, the filet was top notch. people that could tell the difference all commented that the steak was amazing. i've been there about 8 times so far, and they have yet to disappoint. i really hope that the place is around for a long time.

after dinner, we all went to tapioca express. surprisingly, i met ray and jen there...they were supposed to meet us for dinner, but couldn't make it. we chilled there for a bit, and then just went back to my place and watched pirates of the carribean.

on sunday, andrew, jeff, kat, thomas and i went to go eat at potato shack. after making the mistake of ordering a sandwich there last time, i decided to get breakfast there. i got the combination with the top sirloin steak... even though i had pampas last night, the top sirloin they serve is really good quality, and i enjoyed every bite of it. i don't think i've ever seen anyone order the man hole sized pancakes, but the pancakes they serve with breakfast were friggin' huge. after brunch, i took the scenic drive home and relaxed the rest of that day.

supposedly, pat & oscars had a big e.coli problem, and a lot of people got sick. they lost about 75% of their business, and for the next couple of days, you can eat there for free. pizza, salad, bread sticks, and a drink. not bad. i'll be going there today. i hope they don't have crappy pizza there. it would suck to go there and find out they only are giving out cheese pizzas.

off the subject of food, everyday i'm starting to realize more and more that i'm not completely happy with what i'm doing with my career. i don't think i'm using my brain to the full potential. sure, a nice stable job is all fine and dandy, but i feel like i should be doing something more important and ground breaking. maybe i'll start looking into night school and get a second bachelors or a masters in computer science or engineering.

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