Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm back to blogging

I used to blog a lot. I'm close to having 1000 entries if you count all the blogs I've started, then replaced because I wanted to start fresh because I would learn something about life and it would be such a powerful realization that it meant that it would be a new beginning.

Probably for a few years though, probably after the invention of twitter, blogging has served a different purpose for me. I stopped blogging essentially, and all my blog posts were about information that I found that was missing from the Internet, and I felt compelled to share that information to make the Internet more complete. That is what makes the Internet great. If it is not there, hopefully someone is willing to share their information. I'm happy to take a part in that process. And then I would do reviews and share my opinion about things. But what I stopped doing was self reflection, and that's always been a big part of how I grew as a person. So I'm going to get back on that.

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