Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food for thought: Being gay is not a choice for the heterosexual man.

A true heterosexual man would never say being gay is a choice. Does a straight man choose to not wear a women's dress because he chooses not to? No, it is because he probably finds the thought naturally conflicting with his essence. It is only a secretly gay man that doesn't find this conflicting with his character that he would say he's not wearing a woman's dress because he chooses not to. It is this man who tries to convince others to choose to not be gay, just like he has.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. I'm glad Prop 8 is getting the boot. I'm tired of people who try to shove their religious beliefs down other people's throats by taking away their rights. Keep your mind on your own f'ing business. Especially when it is about strangers you don't know or will never meet. It is not your job to police something you don't understand. You should use that same focus and energy towards making your own life more righteous because you know you aren't perfect. Clint Eastwood would agree.

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