Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steve Jobs: Give the man a liver and STFU

I'm no Apple fanboy by any means (I don't own an apple and will never own one, except iPod based products), but Steve Jobs has revolutionized the world with Apple products, and has definitely improved lives of people all across the world. He's created jobs directly and indirectly for countless people. The Apple products of today were spawned partly or fully from his personal vision of what computing and portable computing should be today. Products like Palm Pre wouldn't have come along if the iPhone weren't invented first. There would be no back and fourth competition from microsoft trying to improve operating systems and GUIs. What would the world be like today if it he hadn't come along? Just look at what happened when Steve left Apple, and look at where its headed now with his direction. Apparently, as sad as it is to assume one man could be responsible for so much, he deserves a lot of credit.

Does this make it ok for him to cut in line so he can get a liver so he can continue to do what he does? Yes. I'd rather let Steve snatch away livers from 5 alcoholics who destroyed their livers because they couldn't put down the bottle so they can beat the spouses on a daily basis. He can take every single one of those livers for all I care. Those people will never change the world, Steve will continue to employ people, create jobs, revolutionize technology, and improve lives for every single person that steps in front of any computer based device.

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