Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apple iPhone 3.0: Hits & Misses

New Features:

-Cut & Paste (for people who insist that they can do actual work on the iPhone). I never needed cut and paste all that bad on the iPhone. It didn't make my list of things I wanted. It'll be there now? Cool, maybe I'll use it when I finally come around to needing it.

-Real Push (No more fake push, also known as pull every 15 minutes). Not having real push for 2 years now, I don't miss it that much. 15 minutes is fine. Too much junk mail these days where I'm in need of immediate notification of emails. It would be good for instant messaging. Lets see if they can do that without costing me money for every IM I get.

-A2DP (strereo bluetooth headphones, no more dropping the iphone in the gym). Why did it take so long you bastards?

-Turn by Turn Navigation (provided the app comes with its own maps.) Look for expensive apps by Garmin or Tom Tom soon. And most likely they'll probably want to charge you subscriptions as well. Two steps forward, one and a half steps back. At least it'll be available. I won't be ditching my Nuvi 360 anytime soon.


-Application Data sharing is good, but not as good as application switching support. It I read in between the lines, they are still against any kind of running of more than one application at once, except those controlled by apple. Sucks.

-Still no tethering. They are placing the blame on carriers. My word of advice? Psst...PDAnet by June Fabrics.

-No mention of in application brightness controls. I hate having to start a video, then go back to home, settings, brightness, adjust brightness controls, home, ipod, and if you can remember what you were watching, you can get back to it. Does that seem intuitive?

-No mention of video recording on the iPhone. I'll probably be needing this very rarely, but at the rare times that I'll be using it, it'll probably be a life saver.

-No mention of improved wifi. Wifi speed is terrible on the iPhone. Lets hope they secretly are looking to improve it.

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