Monday, March 2, 2009

Annie Duke is this year's Omarosa

On this year's Celebrity Apprentice, it is apparent that Annie Duke, the professional poker player, is the person that's going to have a lot of friction with the teammates. She's a very assertive woman, and I'm sure she can lead/rule a team of subordinates better than any of her teammates, but she does not understand one of the principal concepts of leadership. You can't lead when you have no followers. Especially when everyone on the team is a bunch of A type personalities/leaders in their own right. To lead leaders, you must establish some rapport. As John C. Maxwell puts it, you must touch people's hearts before you ask for a hand. You can't just go on ordering people around, or even worse, talk down to them in a condescending way. They need to believe in you and your vision to put that trust in you as a leader. That's also why it is pretty moronic to volunteer as the first project manager. You need time to get to know people, and judge people's leadership abilities as they naturally fall in line with time. So when it comes to your time leading the group, you know the key people that you must have on your side so the whole team can function efficiently as one unit.

I'm glad Andrew Dice Clay got the boot. I didn't like his personality. On the outside, he comes off as someone like Gene Simmons of last year. A natural born leader, but on the inside he came off like a schmuck. He didn't want to make muffins because his friends in Brooklyn would make fun of him? He's like 50 or 60 something. And it seems like its an issue he should have solved in his early 20's. He didn't want to participate because he was too cool for that stuff. And he decided it wasn't the competition for him. And to not hurt his publicity, Donald Trump did some damage control and said some nice things to him on his way out. After he fired his ass.

Other thoughts:

I'd still rather prefer to have George and Carolyn in the boardroom. At least previous Apprentice winners. Just seeing his daughter and son there, just seems a little over the top. Ivanka is definitely not an eyesore (she's a total babe and smart too). And I'm sure they both are successful in their own right. But the Apprentice has almost become Trump and his family show. Takes some seriousness away from the whole business aspect.

What the hell is Jessee James wearing? He looks like he just came into the board room from his log cabin up in the mountains. Everyone else is dressed in suits in the boardroom. From his shows, he seems like a smart guy, but I don't think he'll have any muscle to pull in big donations in the end. To get to know A list celebrities and deep pocketted people doesn't seem like his thing.

My guess is that Herschel will be fired eventually in one of these challenges, although his focus on team mentality is great, his vision, goal, and gameplan seemed almost non-existant as project manager.

Dennis Rodman's heart doesn't seem to be in the competition, but he definitely seems smarter than he looks, and if he can focus put his heart into it, he can get far. I'm sure he has a lot of friends with deep pockets. He does have the potential to win, if he wants it. Right now, he seems on the fence.

Scott Hamilton will be able to lead with his heart, but his demise will be his leadership skills won't be strong enough to handle some of these other A type personalities.

Tom Greene is definitely smarter than he looks, but lets see if he can put his game face on for the whole competition so that he'll be taken seriously.

Bryant McNight looks like a well rounded invidual.

Clint didn't speak enough for me to make any kind of assessment of him.

As for women, the only names I recognize is Annie Duke and Joan Rivers.

I am going to guess Annie will stick around because Donald likes to give people with strong personalities a chance, even though the whole team hates them. It also makes for interesting TV. But her unability to work with people will get her fired about half way through.

Joan Rivers is too old to deal or handle the physical stress of this competition. She'll make a graceful exit probably midway through.

Melissa Rivers, Joan's daughter, seems very on point with some key business aspects.

Claudia Jordan, deal or no deal model, seems to be a smart and well rounded individual. Will she have the connections to pull in some big bucks?

Brande, the playboy model, seems to have gained the trust of her team rather quickly. I'll keep an eye on her. And her friends. ;)


  1. annie used to be my favorite lady poker player until apprentice. i hate self centered bitchs like duke turned out to be

  2. I hope this is last I see or hear of Annie after this season of CA is over. I can't stand this conniving jerk.

  3. I'm warmed up to Annie the last few weeks. Although I think she is just as bad as I originally thought, you gotta admire her plan and execution of getting to the final 2. Also, I lost as much respect for Joan Rivers. Just because Joan is Jewish and a comedian, it does not give her the right to label people worse than Hitler. Lets not downplay what he did.

  4. annie got what she had coming tonight, seeya bitch.

  5. I like Annie Duke. Glad I've found her in Financially Hung so as Brande Roderick.