Monday, October 20, 2008

Vote No on Proposition 8 in California

I hate to go back on what I just said one week ago, but I have found something that I think is going to be worth my time to vote. This time, I went out of my way to register. Why? Proposition 8. I would have never thought something like this could ever have the chance to pass, until I saw all the people campaigning for it (especially my neighbors). And I really think there is some chance my vote will matter. And I have made some effort to spread the information so its not just my singular vote that I'm trying to make a difference with.

What really pushed me over the edge was a (most ridiculous) TV commerical. Basically, it was implying that if you don't vote Yes on Proposition 8, they will teach your kids to be gay in school. No, I'm not oversimplfying, spinning, or misinterpreting the commercial. It was that blantly stupid. But looking at the signs my neighbors have posted on their lawns, they must believe it. The commericial is paid for by the Momon Church who believe being gay is wrong because God says so. Nothing wrong with that (believing in what your religion tells you, its how religious operate), but why do they have to lie to the public? I am disgusted.

Do they really think that someone can learn to be gay in school? If they really believe that, they must be living a lie. Because they must have *learned* to be straight in church, and they believe their *problem* was corrected.

For rest of the normal people out there, including myself, I strongly believe you are born with your sexual preference. And being a heterosexual male male myself, I would vomit at the thought of someone trying to change that because its flat out impossible. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I also believe that its unfair to vote against something that you have nothing to do with. Its trying to enforce Jim Crows laws all over again. We have come a long way from banning people's rights on things that doesn't have to do anything with you. All the arguments I've heard against it are rubbish. More taxes for local gov? No there are not enough gay people to make a significant impact. If they really want to save a few dollars, there are a billion other things that are more effective than prop 8.

Another dumb argument for prop 8 is that if gets passed, churches will no longer be tax exempt. This is a flat out lie. And it is a lie by so called christians which is more sickening. If Prop 8 doesn't pass, and all the churches and religious organizations lose their tax exempt status, I give them the right to stone me to death. But in return, all the ones preaching that they are going to lose their tax exempt status should kill themselves if they don't lose their tax exempt status when Prop 8 doesn't pass. Do we have a deal? Come to my door on your bike with your white shirt & black tie, and we can shake on it.

How would Mormons like it if non-Mormons had the right to vote if they can have Sunday service on Sundays? It would be outrageous. Outrageous just like Prop 8. Vote No. It is unclear where I am with my Christian affiliation these days, but at least with the little bit of affiliation left in me, I would be very disappointed if regular Christians and Catholics were buying into what the Mormons were preaching, and where they have taken it with these campaigns. Don't Mormons believe that it is a sin to lie? I know that the officially recognized Christians (Prebyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, and even the non-denominational and also the Catholics) don't believe that Mormons are going to heaven because they really are not real Christians because their beliefs are out of whack, but I would have thought Mormons would believe it is a sin to lie.


  1. There's a great point made against prop 8 by Christian Minister Joe Baytzim

  2. Ah, so it is the Mormon churches. Thanks for the clarification. Since I haven't attended church for years, I guess my assumption that all churches were pushing for Prop 8 in California was wrong. I hope.