Thursday, October 9, 2008

The worthlessness of a singular vote from a non-advocate

I've registered to vote maybe half a dozen times during college. But I never went out to vote. Maybe if there were some people standing outside the markets with a pen in hand approaching me to take my vote, then I may have done so.

I have never seen a presidential debate. I don't bother to learn or read about the candidates or any of the propositions. So I don't/can't get involved in any arguments/discussions about a candidate or a proposition. Discussions (especially arguing against something I disagree with) usually take a tremendous amount of time and energy. And I don't think anyone will disagree with me that time and energy is our most precious resource.

Lets just think of this as a math/probability problem. What are the chances that in my lifetime, my single vote is gonna tip something in my favor? And say that I did hit the jackpot and "I" did tip something in my favor by a 1 vote margin. What is the probability that the one that I made all the difference in is something that's really gonna make a serious impact on my life where if it swayed the other way, it would not be something I can't just shrug my shoulders about? Lets say that luck was on my side, and I am 2 for 2. What is the likelihood that whatever got passed or whichever candidate that got elected is all that I was hoping it would be? (The candidate kept all his promises (like healthcare for the masses?), or the proposition got got passed wasn't veto'd or nullified shortly after.) I would say that likelihood of hitting 3 for 3 is boardering on 0.0%.

By not participating in these activities, I save myself generally 10 hours a year. Possibily 40 hours during an election year. I base that on the amount of time and energy I generally spend on arguing with people on points I disagree with, not necessarily politics.

I do believe that advocates for a candidate or proposition who spawn other advocates are indeed effective. I have not come across anything or anyone where I am willing to do that just yet.

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