Thursday, June 19, 2008

Software Review: MagicISO vs PowerISO

MagicISO & PowerISO are pretty much identical products, probably by the same people.

People need these products because it looks like they hired some people (more likely them selves) to upload torrents of popular software using their propietary format (so people will need their software unpackage it). Where is the proof? Well, lets see. We have had compression methods like zip and rar, and iso formats like iso and bin/cue for the lat 10+ years. Yet people posting these torrents use some format no one has heard of for what reason? It looks like people distributing warez has finally figured out how to make some money.

So why can't PowerISO/MagicISO be distributed like warez? They are, but what is funny is that whenever PowerISO/MagicISO gets uploaded, the same guys probably trying to sell the software post on the comments section and tells people not to download because it has a virus.

These guys are hilarious. I wonder when Microsoft and Adobe are gonna catch onto what is going on.

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