Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roland Garros 2008

Sharapova is out. The tournament suddenly got a little less pretty to watch. Ivanovic is still in. I've always had a preference for brunettes. Although Sharapova is incredibly tall, she has a pleasant and a bit of a mousyness look about her which makes her very endearing. Ivanovic on the other hand is beautiful but has a sharpness about her. It may be her sharp teeth that makes her look voracious like a vampire. May not be a bad thing for some people. As for other female players? No one else seems to come to mind. I have nicknamed one female player "dog face", but I'll be nice and keep those thoughts to myself.

The semi-finals for the men is a star-studded cast. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and some other guy. What happened to Tsonga? Doing a quick search on google, it looks like he's out with a knee injury. It is interesting to point out that when Tsonga beat Nadal, Nadal commented that Tsonga can't be doing what he's doing for too long. It could have been that Nadal was pointing out the way that Tsonga was pushing himself and going against the flow. Everyone is contantly talking about Federer and Nadal for the finals. Which is very possible. But lets not forget about Djokovic. He has been on a meteoric plow to the top, and he hasn't lost any momentum yet. Can he beat Nadal? Now there is a match no one has even talked about for some reason, but it will happen tomorrow.

I made an entry a while back during the Australian Open about how Nadal wears a thong to a tennis match. And some how, I get a few hundred visitors a day to my blog when people google "tennis thong" (yes I am #1 in google for tennis thongs). It seems like people (hopefully women) are either looking to wear thongs to a tennis match, or people are just looking for pictures of people wearing thongs while playing tennis. Someone take this idea and run with it. You can probably make some money.

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