Thursday, December 27, 2007

Burger King stops selling the Whopper

What would have happened if I accidentally wound up at Burger King.

Me: Can I get a cheeseburger?
Them: We discontinued the Whopper, would you like something else?
Me: What is a whopper?
Them: Burger King has discontinued the Whopper sir.
Me: Oh this is a Burger King? My bad. I'm outta here.

Seriously, have you ever heard someone say "let's go to burger king" in the last 10 years? Forget getting rid of the whopper. Get rid of Burger King. McDonalds will always have their fries and they will always be good on a rainy day. Burger King, in my opinion, doesn't do anything particularly well, and doesn't inspire any interest or give me a reason for me to end up there for any occasion. I don't remember if I've ever ate at a place called, "Why Not Burgers" (It is a real place, but couldn't they pick a better name? Average Tasting Burgers sounds just as boring as Why Not Burgers), but if it was a choice between Burger King and a place with an mundane name like Why Not Burgers, I probably would give Why Not Burgers a try.

I think Burger King needs a new name, and a new menu. Get rid of the King too. He has a presence like Jason in the Friday the 13 movies. Simple name like "The Classic Bun" would suffice.


  1. Only sandbaggers prefer McDonald's over BK. This makes you one, sandbagger.

  2. McDonald's has fries that are good. Burgers on the other hand, both of them are not fit for human consumption. Nuff said.