Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good things come in 3's?

Today was one of those out the blue great days. Woke up, and saw a evaluation request. Then while talking to my sales guy, our first eval guy who i thought I could have done better in presenting him the product, and his evaluation kit was loaded with bugs finally emailed us.

I thought we let him slip through our fingers, but he emailed us today saying that he is most likely gonna go with us because he sees a great amount of value in our product. And we know how much the other products suck. I always said, if they are willing to evaluate, they are going to buy. I definitely don't like losing any prospects.

Then got another eval request from someone big. Small hint... They make airplanes...

Other than that, might take a little time, for another prospect, the sale is pretty much in the bag. The interesting thing is, he hasn't even evaluated yet. And may just buy it without an evaluation first because we showed him exactly what he was looking for.

My primary sales guy has been training 2 other guys today on our product, and these 2 guys are now pumped after I hit one out of the park when I demo'd the product to the new sales guys today. They are now eager to make some sales calls.

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