Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why no 3G?

It seems rather...dumb that the iPhone does seem to be at the cutting edge of technology in every way. I understand why they don't want to put a mem card reader in there for security and more control of their product and pricing. But c'mon. No 3G? Its like saying, "here. we made the ultimate family vehicle. it does everything you can imagine. we've adopted the bleeding edge of technology. (no pun intended.) but one drawback is that it only has 2 seats." c'mon jobs. we don't buy it. i'm willing to bet that when the iphone is released, it will come with it. did you forget how slow 2.5g is? What would be nicer if an iPhone in the future came with EVDO or even the newer EVDO whatever its called. Although, having 3G and 2.5G compatible phone will be awesome for travel out of the country whereas a phone with EVDO is useless outside the USA...

I wasn't too impressed with the iphone at the press conference pictures, but after seeing the product on their website, damn, it could be the next best thing. it has nicer screen than the psp, impressive battery life, incredibly thin, works with itunes which has become the most convienient vehicle to get songs and tv shows from the internet (although the biggest drawback is availability of the show, movie, or artist), apple's bubbly interface, and the 2 touch thing is gonna rock.

one other improvement would be, being the owner of a handheld gps unit that talks to my bluetooth blackberry, i can say gps capabilities on the iphone will just add so much to it.

as chris rock might say, "i've grown accustomed to" having 60 gigs on my ipod. considering we can readily put 16 gigs on a postage stamp today, and 32 gigs relatively soon, 4 and 8 gig seems very limited. 80 gigs of solid state memory would be nice on the iphone. definitely not a problem and it will happen on a future iphone some day. you can argue that since you'll be charging this thing daily anyway, you can always put content you want for that day. it'll still be nice to have it with you all the time. storage capacities seems to be exploding at the moment. maybe 80 gigs is too little to ask for future devices.

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