Wednesday, June 23, 2004

what's up with the weather?

We have rapidly approached summer with the sun nowhere in sight. it has been pretty darn cold to a point where it feels like we're approaching winter, not just fall. Another thing I have been noticing that we haven't had a lick of rain for the majority of the year. Are we in a drought? Laying here withering away in bed isn't all that bad when the weather leaves nothing to be desired.

Anyway, good news is that I'm about 90% better from my injury. I'm gonna take it easy for the next few weeks. I hope if I just take it easy the remaining injured part of me will slowly but surely heal. It sure was a scary 2 weeks indeed. I'm gonna go back to work tomorrow, to my new office (erik's old office/cave), and see how it goes. First thing I wanna do is get some pho to celebrate. :)

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