Sunday, April 21, 2013

Expectation, Focus, Manifestation

I had a breakthrough thought when I was on the cruise watching people get seasick.  When people started hearing that other people were taking Dramamine because they always get seasick, people started focusing on how much the boat was moving, and the ones that believed that they were prone to getting seasick, eventually got sick.  Even though this is a bad example of something very positive I want to write about, it's what led me to this breakthrough in thought.  It's how we manifest our realities from expectations by focusing on the outcome.  Could everything we guide ourselves to (consciously and subconsciously) be broken down into 3 steps?

Step 1: Expectation
Step 2: Focus
Step 3: Manifestation

I am familiar with this pattern of behavior.  I've made a study of it for more than 7 years.  But being able to summarize it with 3 words is a breakthrough because the better we understand things is a step forward in mastering the principal.  It would be a nice book.  Although having just googled it, it seems like all great thoughts, it's not the first time someone has thought of it.

The more I go through this journey called life, I realize that life is surreal.  And it can be as surreal as you imagine it to be because the possibilities are infinite at any given moment.  The only time you really hit a limit is when you stop trying because you think something is not possible.

Relating this principal to my personal life, I remember 3 of the biggest challenges I've faced in life, and in those instances, I had to become someone who could move mountains because expecting any other outcome would be unacceptable.  I think since then I've let some situations get worse so I can transform into this being to get some amazing things done.

Instead of letting the situation get worse so failure is not an option, I should always have clear expectations of exactly what I want to create the momentum for step 2 (focus).  After that, step 3 (manifestation) is automatic.

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