Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anthony Robbins Diet: Day 42-57

Day 42-57: Getting back to focus

So when I set out on this Anthony Robbins Diet, I had a plan, and after about a 5 weeks into it, I lost some focus.  Although I am still incorporating what I've learned into my daily life and I know it is making a difference, I have strayed from my plan.  The good thing is everything is documented on this blog, and I know exactly how to get back on track.

As for the material I've covered in the last 15 days, it has been mostly Powertalk, Creating Lasting Change, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (TV episodes) and I've been consistantly doing the Hour of Power.  And I feel that I've made measurable progress on building on my success cycle.  I think when I started, I was at about a 3 out of 10.  Now I felt at one time, I was at about a 4.3, but have felt back to a 4.  I will get back to focusing on that so that I get myself to a upward cycle.  Right now, I'm still at a downward cycle where if I don't make the effort to focus on it, I will start losing momentum.

I've also have been forgetting use my RPM Planner.  I'll do that right now, review my driving force...Done!

To my surprise, I looked at my list of goals, and half of them were magically done.  Love it!  That is why setting goals is so powerful.  You write them on paper, and they just get done.

I have also begun to condition myself to do some amazing things.  One is that if I envision something that I should do, I must immediately go do it.  With this, I have been able to work out in the morning, literally jump out of bed when I still feel groggy, and other things.  The working out in the morning is a bit surprising.  Trying to work out in the morning has been something that I wished I could do, and something I would plan on a daily basis for months, but never was able to do.  And I've been able to do it a few times already just by this conditioning.

I also got a good tip from a friend.  He pointed out that if I am having problem with motivation, work on my physical conditioning first.  He made me realize that whenever I was in my peak potential, it had stemmed from being physically happy first.  This absolutely motivates me to get fit, and work out daily.

I have also been trying to find out what other things I did before to where I was just a fireball of momentum.  One of the audiobooks that I listened to that may have helped me was Steve Chandler's 100 ways to motivate yourself.  I'll give that a lesson tomorrow.  I'll listen to it a 3 times because that's what I did last time.  It's all about using what worked in the past.  No need to reinvent the wheel when you already have done it before.  Just figure out what worked before.

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