Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Does iCloud mean we will never get 64GB iPhones?

With iCloud, Apple is trying to pitch an idea that you don't need more internal storage. This could potentially mean that Apple can continue to charge premium prices for 32gb iPhones while charging for iCloud services as well. Until when? Until forever. Yay Steve! You did it again.

All this while the price of memory cards per gigabyte is falling to virtually nothing and storage capacities skyrocket to infinity. This gives propaganda material for Apple to continue to never support memory card slots. They make 128GB SDXC cards now, and that is just the beginning of what SDXC will be capable of in the next few years (up to 2TB).

Who needs that much memory? Not everyone, but I would use it. I'm sure many others feel the same way. So why not have the option? It would be beneficial to the customers. What is sad that I can already see the fanboy's typical response arguing that Apple is doing smart business. Apple's brand is so strong these days that people are willing to argue for the benefit of the company, and against the benefit of the customers.

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