Friday, April 28, 2006

The same post once again

Whenever I catch a pretty bad cold these days, the same thought comes to mind every time. I think about how much life would suck if your illness never went away, and how much we take our health for granted. I think we all have the tendency to make the smallest problems in our lives the biggest problems at the moment if nothing is going wrong in our lives. The $4 more we pay to fill up our gas tanks. The quality of the meat they had the nerve to serve me at a particular restaurant we frequent. How some jackass parked a few inches too close which almost prevented you from getting into your car on the driver's side. Then you catch a cold/flu that knocks you on your ass and all your priorities take a back seat when you are sick. If I could give or do anything to not be sick, I'm willing to do. Unfortunately, this is a bargain I cannot make. I can only wait it out.

Whenever I get sick I also have the tendency to give in to anything my body desires at the moment. Pancakes at 1am? Sure. A dozen or two nuggets of Hershey's chocolate? Why not. Heck, I almost went out to buy a bucket of KFC for dinner tonight. Almost..

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