Friday, March 24, 2006

Jury Duty, here I come! (Insert Rushmore poster here)

Jury duty always seemed like a big waste of time. The last time I was at jury duty, I didn't have a single device on hand. Except for my cell phone. Which had no games, or even a calculator (v60c). So it was a very boring experience. All I did was wait. Finally got called, then waited outside the door of the courtroom. Waited inside the court room. Went to lunch, waited outside the courtroom once again. Then was finally dismissed.

This time, I've never been so equipped to deal with the situation. I have my laptop to watch DVDs that I haven't had the chance to enjoy (NewsRadio Season 3, and Tales from the Crypt Season 3), BlackBerry for emails, games, limited Internet browsing, chatting on AIM and MSN, and of course phone calls. If I wanted full Internet capabilities on my laptop, I know they at least have phone jacks to attach my laptop (which came with a modem built in). I can use my free dialup access I get by working at my department at UCSD. Or I can use my BlackBerry as a modem which gets about the same speed as dialup service. But a lot of waiting rooms have wireless internet anyway, so that will probably be the best way to connect. On top of all that, I have my video ipod which I mainly use for music, storing psp video, and psp games. And if I wanted to watch video, I have my PSP on hand for hours and hours of video.

I also have 2 books that I'm reading, and projects to work on (using the laptop). I can also take my camera to do some photography of downtown San Diego during lunch.

The only bad thing that can happen is that I get called in first thing in the morning, and get selected as a juror immediately. Now that can still suck.

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