Monday, December 6, 2004

what a joke

so i've been watching the reality series "The Next Great Champ". It's like American Idol, but for boxers, and without the bad auditions. Well, the winner "Otis Griffin" was supposed to fight a title fight on Dec 3rd, but they pulled the fight last minute because the challenger was not an Olympic medalist, or some bullshit like that. I mean, what a load of bullshit. What does that have to do with anything? I just wanted to see the great black hype, Otis Griffin, get his inexperienced glass jawed ass knocked out. He shouldn't have won anyway since he was officially eliminated fairly. The show lost a lot of credibility when they brought him back because it was a close fight. bull. You don't see them bringing back other eliminated boxers that had closer fights. He was the most rested going in to the last fights. I'm willing to bet Otis Griffin has already had his 15 rounds of fame.

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