Sunday, August 8, 2004


i got some accupuncture again on friday, and by saturday, i was well enough to get around to taking the tour to the jeanolan caves. we learned that the tour was about 8 hours of sitting and 2 hours of walking/standing which wasn't bad at all. the cave tour was a cool experience. i don't think i've ever been in a cave system, and it did feel a bit too commercialized, but i don't think i was in any shape to do anything like swin under a rock and squeeze through a hole just yet, so it worked out nicely. saw some wildlife along the way. i'll put a more detailed post later.

after coming back from a long day, we actually made a brief stop at the hotel and went on the train to johno's parent's house. there was a really anticipated rugby match that night, new zeland vs's a huge rivalry much like UCLA vs USC when it comes to anticipated rivalries, but on a much more grander scale. so we got there and hung out with people we met last sunday, and watched the second half of the game. the australian team won which was a big bonus that put the whole country in a good mood. on our way back home we made a quick stop to take some night shots of the opera house and the bridge, which came out fantastic. it was an awesome way to end the trip. woke up 7am the next day, got on the plane to head back to the US. sitting here and typing this, its really hard to imagine that i was so far away just a under a day ago. the plane ride back home went much faster due to the fact that they were actually showing movies i wanted to watch. first saw day after tomorrow, then walking tall, man on fire, ladykillers, and shrek 2. by the end of shrek 2, we were back at home. my dad picked us up from LAX, ate some lunch at home, and then drove back with ray and my brother. i got so tired on my drive back that i think there was a split second that i was actually asleep behind the wheel. where you blink, and upon opening your eyes you remember you're on the freakin' freeway. i realized i really needed to take a nap before any more driving, and luckily we were close to my brother's dorm. so i took about a 45 minute nap there, then headed towards SD. when i got back, i made some phone calls that i missed, then passed out for 4 hours.

i did catch a cold on the last day in australia. i guess i can be thanksful for that, even though no cold would have been nicer. hopefully it'll blow over by tomorrow... more details about the trip later when i have some time to regain my thoughts.

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