Monday, November 17, 2003

thursday went to the catamaran resort with a bunch of people. had 4 drinks...and basically was buzzin' all night....which was good. what's funny is that i refilled my prescription and it said i should limit alcohol usage because it might cause stomach bleeding. oops. i think the pharmacist was just trying to cover his ass anyway. first 3 times i filled that prescription, it didn't say that.

friday, i went to go get pho and boba with jeff, then we ended up at sycuan. him and i both went down $100 in like 5 minutes. but we came back, and then i ended up making $100. jeff sounded like he was going to die if i stayed there for much longer because of the smoke so i decided to call it a night.

saturday, tommy came down, so we went to go eat lunch at hawaiian bbq, then checked out digital cameras at circuit city, apple store, and ritz camera. then we met up with ray, jen, chris, casey, and remy, and got phils bbq. (yes, three weeks in a row now). then me and tommy went to watch matrix revolutions. one comment about the movie is that i think they overcomplicated the story line. it was like they were trying to sell you the star wars story, but toally missed the ball on making it believable, and more importantly, understandable. like most people, i didn't buy it, or understand it. too much room for interpretation.

on sunday, i went to jv's with tommy, then took a hike down blacks beach. the visibility was amazing. then we went to get some boba.

i'm gonna try some acupuncture again to help with the residual sciatic pain i still have left over. i figure needles every few months is better than daily meds.

i also am going to the dentist again...after about not going for a few years. this should be interesting. i know i have a bunch of cavities.

i learned an interesting thing about tomatoes this weekend. it turns out that the tomatoes that we buy in the market are actually picked when they are green and not ripe. they are gassed with ethylene to turn them red, but it does not ripen them at all. the reason being is that if they picked them when they are ripe, they would never survive the ride home from the farm. so the best place to get good tomatoes is at a farmer's market. another interesting thing is that when the tomatoes hit below 50 degrees, it loses a huge amount of flavor. so they should never be refridgerated, and be kept out of the sun.

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