Saturday, June 21, 2003

Why you gotta be a playa hater?

after reading some negative reviews of the Hulk, there seems to be one thing that people keep pointing out. the bad computer generated graphics. well, first off, being an expert of comic books does not make you an expert on computer generated graphics. it is obvious that with today's technology that they could have easily made him look realistic. but they chose a blend of computer and cartoon animation. which seems to be the way computer animation is heading towards. that is why Nemo in Finding Nemo looks less realistic than the aquarium screen saver running on my computer. also the story of the Hulk is a pretty dark story. And if you make the Hulk look too realistic, he'll appeal to the viewer as more of a monster even when he's having fun blowing up tanks and other fun stuff to demolish. if you realize that then there is nothing bad about the film. i'm not saying the film is spectacular. just sharing my opinion on how to better view this film for your enjoyment.

got my second epidural injection today. i actually feel kinda worse than i did yesterday i think. but they said it can take up to 24 hours to kick in. we'll have to see when i wake up tomorrow. other than that, physical therapy is still proving to be the miracle i was looking for. we might get to a point where physical therapy can only help up to a certain point. i hope that certain point is to a point where i can go about walking, sitting, and lying down without any pain as long as i don't do anything to put stress on the disc. then, i can give it as long as i want for it to go back in place. even a year or more and if it hasn't moved back to normal by then, i could go ahead with surgery.

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